From The Philadelphia Inquirer, Jan. 20, 1973

Orchestra Audience on Feet For Amram

Of The Inquirer Staff

Members of the Pennsylvania Ballet were not the only ones on their feet at the Academy of Music Thursday evening. The audience at the first Junior Student Concert of the season not only gave the dancers a standing tribute but repeated this tribute twice for composer-flutist David Amram, conductor William Smith and the Philadelphia Orchestra.

The praise was earned on all counts. The Philadelphian Amram whose works have been played by Orchestra members before, this time was soloist - on the Pakistani flute - with his Quintet in the third movement of his Triple Concerto for Woodwind Brass and Jazz Quintets and Orchestra.

The movement, which will be repeated Monday at a Senior Student Concert, is titled "Rondo a la Turque." It may not be Turkish, but it is a l bright rondo, swingy and danceable, which expertly meshes the different instrumental elements, symphonic and jazz fabrics.

AMRAM'S colleagues - two saxophonists, fender bass and drummer - were seated with him center stage front. Woodwind and brass quintets from the Orchestra also were on stage front, left and right. The Quintets actually had little soli work to do, but were important parts of the ensemble.

Amram, however, on the Pakistani flute ("It uses quarter tones," he said) started things off with a solo, and played a long cadenza near the end. Smith repoonded to the standing tribute with an encore, with Amram playing a different cadenza ("In sonata form," he said), repeating the finale of the Rondo.

This time Amram made his flute sound more than one kind of bird, one chirping, one twittering.

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