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“He’s one of the most talented
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...Pete Seeger

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JANUARY - 2022

January 12, 20227:00 EST • David is special guest for the entire Jim Masters TV Live Show. Watch at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQaWgwalcPI
Jim Masters is a multi-award-winning, TV & radio personality, host, presenter, journalist, actor, emcee, entertainer, voice talent, writer, executive producer, marketing & lifestyle expert and a motivational speaker seen and heard on national television, radio and multimedia. Including on PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, CW, FOX Television and I Heart Radio.

(If you miss watching the show live, it will be available in the archives, just search YouTube for THE JIM MASTERS SHOW LIVE!)

January 14th 4:30 to 6:30NYC book launch for Matthew Mosely
Arthouse Hotel 2178 Broadway
David will be playing piano and speaking. Matthew Mosely, author and maritime swimmer,swam across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans to the other side of the lake while David accompanied him for 15 hours, playing piano aboard a small boat. A prize winning documentary film was made of his swim, which raised money for young people as well as to increase awareness in saving the Lake. Mosely is on a national tour for his new book Ignition.

Thursday, January 208 pm ESTPostmambo Movie Night presents Pull My Daisy (Robert Frank, 1959). We'll talk to the film's composer, David Amram, who sat next to Kerouac in the studio as he improvised the voice-over narration. David is still gigging at the age of 91! We'll talk with him about his scores for The Manchurian Candidate and Splendor in the Grass, his friendship with Thelonius Monk, his visit to then-forbidden Cuba on the path-breaking 1977 "jazz cruise," and lots more.

"Host Ned Sublette is the BEST scholar of jazz as far as the Afro-Cuban-Haitian-New Orleans connection as well as all roots musics" ... David Amram

Amram's New Works • More work for the New Year includes:
* Working on composing and recording score for the film Laurina
* Composing two new chamber music compositions to be premiered in 2022
* Recording Offbeat: Collaborating with Kerouac as the first of three audible books
* Working film maker Lawrence Kraman and director Dillon Poole for the new documentary feature film Amram@90: Still a Promising Composer as a sequel to Kraman's prize winning feature doc David Amram: The 1st 80 Years.
* Completing Amram@90:Notes from a Promising Young Composer, his 4th book for publisher Routledge Francis/Taylor.

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